Production of dental restorations of any complexity
using CAD CAM technologies

The work is performed using articulators (both physical and digital), which allows not only aesthetic result, but also preserve articulation functions.

Working principles

The term of work completion — up to 3 working days. With the exception of works of increased complexity

All kinds of work

Manufacturing of absolutely all types of structures of dental direction from all materials, including titanium. Production of abutment premilles from factory titanium blanks, practically all implant systems


The work is performed using both physical and digital articulators, which allows you to perform the work not only aesthetically, but with the preservation of articulation functions

Zirconium dioxide

Zirconium dioxide is exclusively factory-painted, eliminating the presence of green hues and the whole frame has a uniform color throughout the structure, not just from the outside

3D printing

Here you can order 3D printing temporary crowns and 3D models, printing individual spoons


All work is done responsibly, by employees with 5 years' experience.
We do as we would like for us to do

Stages of work
STL file
Modeling work
Coordination with 3D informing
Finished product
About ALPHADENT dental laboratory

The AlphaDent Milling Center welcomes you.

AlphaDent is a modern digital lab with extensive experience. Our work is performed on time and quality, in the specified time. We use the high-precision MEDIT 500 scanner and milling work of varying complexity from any material. There is also 3D printing as an integral part in prosthetics.

We do the job as we would like us to do!

automated production
essential manual work
work done
years on the market


High quality equipment

Efficiency of tasks execution

100% quality control of the manufactured products

Discounts for regular customers

Questions and answers
What kind of work you need?

— All types of work: anatomical crowns, individual abutments, inserts, overlays, superstructures (implant work), beams, and much more. Materials such as zirconium oxide, cobalt chromium, titanium, lithium disilicate, composites, PEEK, plastic (PMMA), wax, and others.

How long does it take to work?

— Up to 3 business days, depending on volume and complexity.

Do you have shipping?

— So. Delivery via Vinnytsia is by courier on the day of completion. In Ukraine - within the framework of the delivery service regulations.

Do your materials meet the quality requirements?

— Yes, we do WAX-up jobs exactly one by one, repeating the customer's simulations, ensuring a good fit of the product.

Do you guarantee your products?

— We send 3D simulations with the ability to rotate the model in order for the Customer to receive all information about future work.

Is it possible to recycle the product?

— If an error was made on the part of our laboratory, it is completely processed at our expense.

Examples of our work
Non-metallic structures
Implant prosthetics
3D printing